Arch Linux RISC-V

This is an Arch Linux port to the RISC-V architecture.

The hardware baseline is RV64GC and the ABI is lp64d. Currently QEMU, HiFive Unmatched and HiFive Unleashed boards are officially supported.

This port applies patches on top of Arch Linux's source packages. All our patches are maintained in the patch repository below. The long term goal is to upstream our patches as much as possible, so that riscv64 (riscv64gc) could be added to Arch Linux itself as an alternative architecture.

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Porting Progress

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  • PLCT Lab for 5 builders (C, p, P, q, Q), and HiFive Unleashed/Unmatched test boards
  • @Sequencer for builder "slugma" (k) & "typhlosion" (K)
  • Deepin Inc for builder "charizard" (d)